We are a licenced MultiNail & ITC-SA Category “A” certified timber Pre-Fabricated Roof Truss Designer and Manufacturer. On receiving your building plan, we will work out a quotation according to your requirements.

Our Quotation will include:   
• MultiNail approved Fabricated Roof Trusses together with all accessories being Nails, Bolts, EziNails, EziClips (Hurricane clips) and Ezi strapping, Ezi bracing, etc.    
• Bracing – B.C.Runners, Web Runners,
T Bracing etc.
• Sundry Timbers – Battens, Tilting
Fillets and Wall Plates.
• Additional sundries – Facia Boards, Jointers, UT
woven Underay (for Tiled roof) or RadenShield (for Sheeting), Valley Liners and Border Fees if applicable. 
• Roof Covering – Tiles with nails, V Ridges, Hip starters and oxide / or IBR or Corrugated – Galv or Chromadek with Ridging, Valley Liners,
Screws and washers.
You can then decide whether you would rather do without any of the additional items or Roof covering.
• We include Clearing and Transport to your site where road access is possible for our vehicles, where you, the client arrange to offload your roofing on site.

Please submit your plans, and we will revert ASAP with your quotations.

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