At TrussCo, we endeavour to help animals in need and to educate the community with primary veterinary care, including vaccinations, sterilisations, as well as primary wound care with the assistance of the local state vet.

A lot of the animal owners cannot afford food for the animals, so Eldré, owner of TrussCo provides food to these malnourished animals.  As there are many of these cases and it becomes costly, Eldré has managed to get food donations from local businesses and the community members.  The pet food is then repacked into smaller packs which are then distributed among the needy on a weekly basis.​

Pet and animals owners from these communities are provided with on-going education with regards responsible pet ownership, improving the lives of their animals as well as ensuring an empowered community and children who may one day own their own animals.

We make use of pallets and roof covering to make dog kennels for the people who cannot afford to buy them.  Ladybrand is known for cold winters of below zero temperatures and we try to provide comfort to the animals that are left to sleep outdoors.

Volunteers, supporters and donors help us immensely in these endeavours to create a sustainable, responsible, knowledgeable and caring environment for animals.

Community involvement appreciation

Happy Children at Yeshua PreSchool.